For Designers

As a Designer you need to be Exceptional for your clients.  I can help you do this!

I appreciate the challenges of building and renovating a home, as I have been involved in some aspect of design work for the past 25 years.

Deadlines, budget challenges, STRESS between the trades & homeowners …. as the Designer you are exposed to all of these dynamics.

Amaze your clients with original Canadian Art

HOW AMAZING WILL YOU LOOK to your clients when you provide them with the highest quality, original, Canadian Art from a flourishing and passionate local artist?

Jenn has a proven track record of providing professional work that delights her clients.

  • I am a business woman and an artist.  Integrity is at the core of everything I do.
  • My sense of design, colour, harmony, balance and overall mood of a space is well honed.
  • I have a large inventory of beautiful paintings, and I am a very prolific painter.  I can usually complete a commission within two week’s time, if necessary.
  • I can provide you with paintings for your showroom, and I would be delighted to do this.

Please contact me to discuss commission incentives &  Designer discounts.   It would be an honour to work with you, and I am committed to helping you be Outstanding for your Clients.

Committed to your success

Don’t delay!  Be a step ahead of your competition.   I will not offer the same incentives to any of your direct competitors if you have discovered me first. This is part of my commitment to making you Exceptional in your field.

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself, and I sincerely hope you will contact me if you are interested in working together.

Warmest regards,
Jenn Williamson            604-825-7579   


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