Creativity Coaching – Session 2: Overcoming Fear

Step 2 –  Overcoming Fear

There is one sure way to find your artistic voice, and that is to face fear head-on, and conquer it.

It never goes away entirely, but after a few successful fear-fights under your belt – especially the ones that leave you giddy with joy because you discovered something profoundly brilliant – you begin to develop your fear-fighting muscles. These will help you in many aspects of life – not just in your art.

If you took part in Creativity Coaching Session 1, you should have one or more paintings that you have started. (If you missed Session 1, I recommend you check it out).

It’s now time to take your Session 1 piece (or pieces) a step further towards being done, and if you’re at all like me, you’re a bit afraid to do anything to them.  Perhaps there are parts you like – and you don’t want to wreck.  Or perhaps they are so horrible you can hardly look at them.

The latter is an easier place to start, but I’m guessing that there is at least one section, no matter how small, that you are afraid to mess up.

Where do you start?

As your coach, I would suggest (no rules – just suggestions), that you start with the first idea that comes to you.

Don’t over-analyze.  When you look at the piece(s) in front of you, try to listen to your inner voice.

All you need to decide on the next step:  eg. I think I should put some more white in that area, or cover up that area because it’s so ugly, or enhance the (blue or green or red) a bit.

Once you have that ONE idea, act on it and don’t worry about knowing what to do next.

Dispense a bit (or a lot, if you like) of the colour(s) you want to use, and select the tool(s) you want to apply the colour(s) with.

Take a deep breath…….let it out slowly.   Do this 3 more times.

Then MAKE YOUR MARK (or marks).

Step back once you have applied some paint, and wait for the next idea to come.

Act on it (if it involves a different colour, put whatever you need on your palette and get to work).

Repeat the above steps until you have no more ideas about what to do, and then STOP!!!!

Put the painting aside, and if you have more time to paint, start another painting in the same fashion that you started your Step 1 piece(s).

Or if you started more than one piece in Step 1, you can move to Step 2 on one or more of those pieces.

Pictures of my Step 2 paintings:

Step 2 on Painting 1 & 2 (both started in Step 1)

Step 2 on Painting 3 & 4 (both started in Step 1)

Step 2 all 4 paintings started in Step 1.