Blessings, boots, birthdays, beardies, boys & beauties!

Yes, it’s been a busy week!  This post only touches on a few of the highlights……

Blessings:  Too many to list……my family & friends, my art, my life (even the hard times) – just to name a few.

Boots:  I bought some very awesome boots in Fort Langley to celebrate my upcoming…….

Birthday!  (which is today – Jan. 21st 🙂   I might be old, but I don’t feel it, and most certainly not when I’m wearing my new boots!

Beardies:   We have a new member of our family – a baby bearded dragon named Twix.  He was a Christmas present for my son, Levi, (and to be honest, a bit for me too).  He’s adorable, even though he eats crickets.  Twix has diarrhea – which might mean he has parasites – which might mean an expensive trip to the vet.  I will be sure to wear my new boots though, as I think it’s impossible to feel grumpy in them!

Boys:   I live with 5 of them, so I thought it made sense to have the 5th “B” word be Boys!

All this to say that I have not yet posted my 2nd weekly painting.  I have a few Beauties on the go though, and next week I’m sure to have completed one of them.  As soon as I have a picture, I will post it.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me in my new Boots & me with one of my Boys!  Have a wonderful week………

Jenn's Birthday Boots

Jenn’s Birthday Boots

Jenn & Levi

Jenn & Levi