Day #3 – January 30 in 30 Challenge

Today’s painting is one I did a few weeks ago in anticipation of not being able to paint every day this month.  It is reminiscent of Spring – something many of us are longing for at this time of year.  It is 18″ x 24″ on gallery wrapped canvas.  I love the freshness that it has brought to my studio.  Many of my recent works have been landscapes, and this ‘abstract’ definitely has a landscape feel to it.

Jenn Williamson Fine Art

Jenn Williamson Fine Art Day 3 – Jan 30 in 30 Challenge

From ‘dull’ to “AMAZING”… Friday :0)

Happy Friday –  I love Fridays even better than Saturdays, as I still have Saturday to look forward to!  I’m especially loving this Friday, and I hope to impart a bit of the inspiration I am feeling personally with each of you!

(sneak peek of my studio right now…….)

My messy studio :0)

It sounds so hokey to say that….. but I really, truly mean it.  I am bubbling up inside with excitement & joy, even though my day started out as just an ordinary day.

In fact, it was so ordinary that I was kind of dreading it (yes, even though it is Friday).   I’ve had a lot of those days lately….ones that it seems it would be easier to stay in bed than push through the challenges of the day.  What keeps me going is the deep down, unshakable belief that God has good things in store for me & my family.

It’s not easy being an artist….or being married to one / mothered by one, etc.   (probably not easy to parent one either…..thanks Mom & Dad! :0)

So, what made today wonderful?  Well, I decided to push through my fears/doubts, etc. and BE CRAZY!  Do some stuff in the studio that would either be a disaster or a masterpiece.  I guess that’s kind of how every painting starts…..but some more than others.   Some are just these ‘random acts of complete surrender to follow my inner voice’…….  which may be insane – or genius or ??  Today turned out to be one of those times where I cautiously & humbly wonder if I might be a genius (an artistic genius)…..I’m allowed to say that because most days I question whether I have any brains at all!

I left a ‘comfortable’ life of steady work, an amazing job that neither bored or inspired me – it just was.   Now I live from month to month wondering whether I will ever sell another painting.  Perhaps I shouldn’t share that….in case some of my fans lose faith in me ….. but I think it’s important to share that so no one thinks I’m conceited…..or that I have it all together….. because I SO definitely don’t.

So, do you want to see some pictures???  No? ok, I won’t bother then.  :0)   just kidding.  They aren’t great as they are taken in the studio (the garage studio ….. not the dining room studio, the office studio, or the kitchen studio).

36″ x 36″ mixed media on Wood Panel

12" x 12" mixed media on wood panel

So…..there you have it (or some of it at least!). I had to abandon my socks as they were destroyed! and I have a bit of a mess to clean up! Passion is not tidy…..what can I say? I used to be a neat freak, and it sucked! :0)
I leave you with these words……NEVER doubt that you can do amazing things! If I can do them, any one can! (I really mean that!). Have a wonderful weekend……. Thanks for letting me share. ~ Jenn

Jenn’s Art display at Water Shed Arts Cafe, Langley

For the month of June, 2011, I am the ‘Featured Artist’ at the Water Shed Arts Cafe in Walnut Grove, Langley: (

Take a minute to enjoy the welcoming & relaxing surroundings at the Water Shed!

Greeting you as you enter the cafe are a selection of my paintings …… “Calvary” and “Concepts” shown in this photo.

All of my pieces are created using the best quality products available – from Golden’s professional artist line of acrylics to genuine Italian Lime plasters.

No detail is spared when it comes to getting the texture and colour precisely the way I want, and the quality shows in every inch of each painting!

Welcome to my new site!

Please take a look around at my artwork. I hope you find it inspirational.

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