I love grilled onions!

Happy September friends!

I’ve been very negligent (again) about blogging.  I have a million reasons that I won’t bore you with.  I am working very hard at building a new website, painting for 3 Galleries, preparing for a solo show in Feb. 2018, and amid all of this, I have dropped a few balls.  My blog is one of them.

I’m super excited about a workshop I am taking in New Mexico in a few weeks.  I can’t wait to spend 5 days in a magical place painting with other passionate artists and a great instructor!  I am committed to doing something every 2 years that takes me out of my comfort zone and stretches me.  I know I will return with lots of inspiration and a few new tools in my belt.  I can’t wait to share them with you!

I’ve been trying to plan some workshops for late Fall or Winter, but I’m having a hard time securing a venue for the dates that work.  I’ll keep looking though, as I know some of you are anxious to sign up.  Thanks for your patience!

And the onion thing……well, this Summer I discovered that I absolutely love grilled onions – on almost anything!  That and I couldn’t come up with a captivating title for this blog post so I thought what the heck! 🙂

What’s an art blog without some art?  Here are a few thumbnails of paintings I have available.  There are lots more to see in my studio, if you’d like to come for a visit.  I do love commissions, and now is the time to start thinking about Christmas……….

Hugs,    Jenn

Reflections II 40×40


Out of the Blue 20×24


Seascape 36×48

The Anorexic Perfectionist….

Every once in a while, I miss my ‘old self’.  The one who, in my 20’s, was an anorexic perfectionist.  Days like today – when I put on a t-shirt and see that my arms are much  less toned than I would like.  But the feeling is fleeting.  In part because my husband is making pizza for dinner 🙂   Even more because I love life now.  Not every day though.  There are many days I wonder if I made the biggest mistake ever in deciding to become a professional artist.

It’s not an easy journey.  From the outside looking in, I expect it seems magical to be an Artist.  And in many ways it is!  I wouldn’t change it for anything.  But it is definitely not easy.  I can’t speak for every artist out there, but I do have many friends/connections in the art world.  It seems that the struggle is not just mine.

So today I am being more transparent than usual, and that is because I’m bored with my blog and Facebook postings.  I haven’t done either in quite a while.

I don’t want to say anything if I’m not passionate about it.

I am passionate about art.  I’m grateful for the healing it has brought me.  I want to share that with anyone who might benefit from hearing my story.  I don’t have it all figured out – that is for sure.  But I do have a great deal of personal experience in digging deep and being vulnerable.

I am also passionate about sharing anything I can to help others in their journey.  I don’t know whether to call it a ‘creative journey’ or a ‘healing journey’…….I think the two go hand in hand.  They certainly have for me.

On the ‘business end’ of things, it’s way past time for me to create a new website.  I’m not looking forward to doing it, but my current site is not ‘responsive’ (ie, not mobile friendly), and it has reached the point that I am tired of apologising for it.

One of the things I LEAST like to do is photograph my paintings.  I am not very good at it, to begin with, and the editing part (cropping and adjusting exposure) is very tedious.  Recently when I was looking at my website gallery I was not impressed with how my paintings looked on my computer screen.  When I looked at them on my phone, they looked a bit better, but many of them didn’t display at all (due to the non-responsive website).

Ahhhhh – so many things to deal with that have very little to do with actually painting!

Part of the reason I’m inspired to improve my website is that I have sold several paintings online lately.  I always look forward to hearing from my Collectors once they receive their painting – I know if they liked it when they saw a photo, they will LOVE it so much more when they see it in person.  These two paintings recently went to a Collector in Virginia.

Season of Reflection IV Brighter_web

Season of Reflection IV 36×48

Seascape - Black & White 24x30

Seascape – Black & White 24×30

Thanks for your interest and support. I would love to hear from you!


New York Show & Workshop … UGallery Top Artist … Recent Sales!

I am a bit of a hermit over Chrismas / New Years.  I tend to hibernate and close myself off from the outside world at this time of year.  Emails, phone calls, Facebook messages are all low priority in comparison to family time.  We had a wonderful Christmas & New Years, and I hope you did too!

I had both my boys home, and I rediscovered my love of knitting 🙂  I have created some very artistic & funky pillows that I’m pretty excited about.

Online art sales have been booming!!  I applied to be a “UGallery” artist about 6 months ago and was accepted (even though they don’t normally showcase Canadian artists).  What an honour!

Since my work was published onUGallery’s website just before Christmas, I have already had 2 sales.  If you are interested in checking out the pieces that I have for sale with UGallery, the best way to do that is to go to their website, and in the search bar at the top – right, type in my name (Jenn Williamson), or click on the link I have added here:

UGallery Jenn Williamson

It’s going to be a busy year!  I have 6 commissions to paint, and a Gallery Show and Workshop in New York (details TBA).

2016 was the best year ever, and I can’t wait to see what will come in 2017.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy journey………..you will always be near & dear as the ups and downs of being an artist require support and encouragement 🙂   You are all a huge encouragement to me – thank you!!

Pictures of my recent sales & soon to follow some pics of new works that I am going to photograph ASAP.   If you would like to come & see them in person, just let me know.  I am in my studio most days and would love to connect.

Recent Sales www.jennwilliamson.com



Much love,
Jenn xo 🙂

When you can’t paint — what do you do to keep the creativity flowing??

It’s a strange feeling as an artist to take time off of creating your art.  I have most of my art materials tucked away in the garage while we are selling our home, so it seems overwhelming to dig them out and start painting.

I find myself wondering if I’ll still be able to paint when I finally get back to it ….. not a nice feeling!  Deep down I know I will, but that fear nags at me nonetheless.

Speaking of fear – I have been listening to a really good audiobook, called “Art & Fear”, by David Bayles & Ted Orland.  I highly recommend it.

While I’m taking some forced time off from creating new works, I am no less passionate about all things related to art.  I am choosing to trust that this time will lead to good things to come.  I’ve been pinning some ideas for how I’m going to set up my new studio.  It’s so exciting to have a fresh, clean slate to start with!  A room (garage) that has lighting, temperature control & ventilation specially installed for me ….. and it’s 21′ x 19′, so much bigger than the studio I’ve had before.  It makes me feel like a “real artist”! 🙂

So we move August 6th, and between now & then, I hope to paint some brilliant pieces in my little temporary studio.  Feel free to check out my ‘new studio ideas’ Pinterest board, and also send me any ideas you have that work well in your studio.  Happy painting!!   https://www.pinterest.com/jennwillart/

Front Room Staged web

My latest piece painted on unstretched canvas with palette knife….fun!!! The home stager wanted it stretched to hang in our front room over the mantle – I think she made a very good call on that!




Art without Colour?

My studio exercise regime continues……last week I forced myself to do a painting using primarily black & white. This was a brand new experience for me! What do you think of the results?

Seascape - Black & White 24x30

Seascape – Black & White 24×30

Progress on Painting Exercises & Painting on Paper

Here are the 1st and 2nd drafts of the piece I talked about in my last blog posting (remember – this is an Exercise I am doing to get back in ‘studio shape’ after Summer Vacation)
The first draft on the ‘Waterfall’ did not inspire me much. I did it quickly, and just as quickly got bored of trying to paint from a photo reference.

1st Draft - Waterfall on Paper

1st Draft of Waterfall on Paper

And here is the 2nd draft…..I enjoyed this quite a bit, and although I don’t think I will switch to painting on paper any time soon, it was a good exercise. I also forced myself to work out of my comfort zone when it came to my colour palette. That was an exercise I also enjoyed and highly recommend!

2nd Draft - Working on Paper

2nd Draft – Working on Paper

Expanding horizons…..

Summer is almost over, and it’s been an amazing one – lots of family time & not much studio time.  I’m taking some deliberate steps to stretch my studio muscles in preparation for when everyone goes back to school & I can get serious in my studio again.

Colour mixing – this is a great exercise!  My first attempt to get the juices flowing resulted in some very interesting colours that I will be sure to use in the weeks to come:

Colour Mixing Session #1

Colour Mixing Session #1

 Another exercise I have decided to do is to paint on paper – with texture. This is a brand new experience for me, and part of my goal is to cut costs while ‘playing’ with some new techniques. I saw some beautiful artwork on paper this Summer, and I was intrigued. What if I was to paint on paper? This would enable me to take so many more pieces to New York! Eventually they would have to be framed, but for the purpose of my Show in New York, I could simply put a nice matte around them for display purposes.

Here is a piece I started today – on Arches 400lb watercolour paper (primed with 2 coats of gesso last week)……..

Acrylic texture medium on paper

Acrylic texture medium on paper

I am contemplating a photo that was taken on our family vacation at Whistler last week…..I am calling it “Whistler Waterfall”…..as I work on this piece. Anything could happen as I have not painted on paper before, I am working on stretching my colour palette, and I have not used photo references before.

Whistler Waterfall

Whistler Waterfall

I will keep you posted 🙂 Thanks for your interest in my journey —– I hope to inspire others as I plod along. xo Jenn

The Art of Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here!  I’m excited to have family come and celebrate the joy of Christ’s coming – share special times together, eat, drink, laugh, reminisce, etc……   I don’t expect I’ll have much time to paint over the holidays, but some of the memories we create will inspire new works in the year ahead.

Heavens Declare 5

Jenn Williamson Fine Art Paintings – Heavens Declare 5

My latest series has been a bit of a whirlwind…….  the coming together of some very deep seeking that has almost caught me by surprise.  You know those times where you start to wonder if you are spinning in circles without any real results?  Those discouraging, looooong seasons of struggle and perseverance that all of a sudden pay off?  Well, dare I say I am at the reaping end of all that sowing.  For now anyways —- just like the world we live in has ever changing seasons, so do we artists (or at least this one does).

Heavens Declare 3

Jenn Williamson Fine Art Paintings – Heavens Declare 3

These are a few of the pieces I’ve been working on.  A new thing for me is working with a very limited palette.  I’ve discovered that the colours that I can mix from having just a few on my palette are very intriguing and rich!  There is also a beautiful harmony that comes from working with a limited palette.

Heavens Declare 7

Jenn Williamson Fine Art Paintings – Heavens Declare 7

Heavens Declare 6

Jenn Williamson Fine Art Paintings – Heavens Declare 6

“Surrendered” …. more than just a Painting

Today started out as any studio day might.  I wrote in my Reflections journal before getting started preparing for a demo that I’ll be giving at Opus Art Supply in Langley.  I mixed up some texture medium & grabbed a primed canvas.  I was taking notes because I will want to be able to explain how I got from A to B when doing the demonstration.  After the first few steps, I was quite pleased with the painting’s start, so I set it aside and began a new canvas to prepare Step 2 of the demo.

Mixed texture for demo

Mixed texture for demo

The subject of my demo at Opus is “Intuitive painting – with (or without) texture”. Before I knew it, my demo-preparation time turned into one of the most intuitive painting sessions I have ever had!

Any time I am creating a painting, I am in constant dialogue with myself & the painting…….prayer & meditation are as much a part of my process as the actual brushstrokes or palette knife markings.  Recently my thoughts have been centered around the balance between painting intuitively vs. painting intentionally.  Both of these are very important in my process.  The dance between intuition and intention is a mystery, and I don’t expect I’ll ever fully comprehend it.  It’s a very delicate balance that words can’t clearly define.

A successful painting has just the right amount of both, and the more sensitive I become to honouring that balance, the more masterful my paintings become.

What was intended to be “Step 2” for my demo became a piece I felt I inspired to donate to the Women’s Ministry event that was occurring at our church that night.  I named the painting “Surrender”, as my experience in painting it was one of utter &  complete surrender.  I found myself still in my housecoat at 4pm, working on this piece and feeling excited about donating it to a special event.  I barely had time to shower & get ready for the evening ahead (our guest speaker, singer & comedian was  Kelita Haverland……a very gifted & inspiring woman who is also one of my dearest friends

I wrapped “Surrender” up very carefully as it was still tacky.  Here is a photo of the painting taken on my easel that afternoon:

Surrender 24x12 pe2_edited-1

The gift of creating this painting was as much a gift to me, the artist, as I hope it is to the person who received it.

Stormy Day 24×12

I took an amazing workshop this past weekend with Suzanne Northcott.  One of the highlights for me included a discussion about our paintings achieving ‘absolute beauty’.   This particular painting is my favourite from the weekend.  Normally I don’t create paintings at workshops that I would share on my website…..they are usually ones that I bring back to my studio and re-configure (ie, re-prime & start over).

Stormy Day 24x12

Stormy Day 24×12







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The purpose of doing a workshop (for me, at least), is to move beyond my comfort zone….try new things that I can then bring back to the studio and play around

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