Designers & Decorators Page Launched

I love to paint commissions, so it only makes sense that I reach out to Interior Designers & Decorators who have clients that need “the perfect painting” for their home or business.

I have created a new page on my website for Designers:  For Designers

My style is somewhat versatile – not because I can’t decide what I love to paint – I just love to paint different expressions!

For example, here is an abstract painting of mine from my “Passages” series (to this day a favourite painting of mine):

Passages 36x36 Installed

Passages 36×36 Installed






And here is an Impressionist painting of a landscape…..just as inspiring to me:

Heavens Declare 48x72 May 2015 web

Heavens Declare 48×72







Inspiration comes and goes ….. it moves
Like the wind
in the trees
or the mist that sails in
It’s a mystery
I don’t want to explain
So I paint what I feel
and it is genuine

~ Jenn

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