Friday….a special offer to celebrate YOU!

Friday has always been my favourite day of the week, and I’ve just come up with a way to make it even more Awesome! 🙂

I’m going to do an auction every Friday on my Facebook page.  Each week I will select a painting to post, with a starting bid that is a bit painful for me.  I have been feeling for a while now that I want to make room for the NEW & exciting things that are stirring, and in order to do that I believe the best way is to ‘give back’ to all of you who have supported me.

Artists aren’t supposed to put their work “on sale” …… ever!  I have wrestled with this idea for some time now, and I have decided that I don’t care to bow down to the “Rules”.

I am an artist who is passionate about continuing to paint, grow and expand my horizons.  Sometimes it is necessary to think outside of the box in order to accomplish great things.

I have a new Gallery opportunity that is very exciting, and the paintings I put up for Auction on my Facebook Page each Friday are not new works that I will send to the Gallery.  They are all high quality, beautiful works of art, but they are not part of an up & coming series that I will sell through a Gallery.

They are still authentic, original Jenn Williamson paintings, and I know they will be a great investment for anyone who decides to collect one or more!  (that is why I’m so excited about the Friday Facebook Auction).

Thank you for your interest & support ….. I am forever grateful to each of you who are engaged in some way with my journey.

The first auction will be this Friday – Dec. 9, 2016 – which just happens to be my son’s 21st birthday!  It is also my sister’s birthday (she is a bit older than me, but I won’t say how old) 🙂    The Rules are pretty simple, and basically I will set a starting bid (as aforementioned ‘painful for me’), and each bid needs to be posted as an individual comment on my Facebook page.  The minimum increase in bids is $10.00, and the highest bid at 11:59 pm on Friday, Dec. 9th is the winning bid.  It is up to the winning bidder to contact me within a reasonable amount of time (phone, text, email, Facebook message ….. any of these are fine).

I haven’t yet posted the starting bid for this Friday’s painting, but it will be very reasonable……..

"Flow" 28x22 Acrylic on Canvas Original painting by Jenn Williamson

“Flow” 28×22″ Acrylic on Canvas
Original painting by Jenn Williamson

Here is the link to my Facebook Page, in case you are not yet a ‘Fan’:

Thank you so much for your support & encouragement,

~ Jenn xo