Inspired – at the most inconvenient of times!!

Yes, it is almost 2:30 in the morning – on a Wednesday night – and I am inspired!

I should be sleeping, but  I have seascapes, landscapes & florals keeping me alert.

Today I worked on 3 different paintings, and I just can’t seem to stop the flow of creativity that is surging through me.

I have been a bit ‘silent’ lately……..but not the least bit quiet!  There is a lot going on in my studio & my soul.  It has been a peaceful, yet productive, Fall.

My journey as an artist has definitely reached a new level this year – as has my dependence on God for every breath I take, every painting I create!

Winter Reflections 30 x 24
Jenn Williamson, Original Fine Art Painting

New Works …. Upcoming Show, etc….

After an inspiring week of painting with 33 amazing artists in beautiful South Pasadena, California, I find myself overwhelmed with ideas — how to stay true to my personal ‘voice’, yet be open to learning new ‘notes’?

I’ve been finding great joy in painting landscapes in recent months.  I have a few that are starting to ‘sing’ – here’s a sneak peek at one of them……







I am excited to announce that I will actually have two walls of my art on display at the Vancouver Home & Interior Design Show, at BC Place Stadium, October 11 – 14th.  I will be located in a very high-profile spot……right in the center isle of the Show…..with my paintings displayed on 2 walls that are back-to-back – each 20 feet long.

This opportunity popped up yesterday, and in true “Jenn fashion”, I jumped at it – surprise, surprise (NOT) to those of you who know me :0).

I will post more details about the Show, as the time is fast approaching, but suffice to say I will be there with some exciting new work, & I look forward to seeing some of you there!




Oil painting in South Pasadena, California

What a day!  New techniques, materials, surroundings & friends…. no words to describe how blessed I feel to be here!  Never have I been so “out of my comfort zone” in my journey as an artist, yet I have chosen to embrace all that comes of this week.  The value for me is in stepping out of my ROUTINE, and allowing myself to be free to explore new ways of doing things.

Spring is in the Air (and the Art Studio)…..

I just wanted to share a few photos of my recent work….. it seems the change in weather has inspired my painting.

8" x 24" Resin art on board

8" x 24" Italian Plaster & Acrylic on board

8" x 24" Italian Plaster & Acrylic on board

8" x 24" Resin art on board

12" x 36" Resin art on board

8" x 24" Resin art on board

And there’s more….. Stay tuned for the upcoming RELEASE of my NEW & IMPROVED website. Updates will be happening over the course of the next few weeks!

From ‘dull’ to “AMAZING”… Friday :0)

Happy Friday –  I love Fridays even better than Saturdays, as I still have Saturday to look forward to!  I’m especially loving this Friday, and I hope to impart a bit of the inspiration I am feeling personally with each of you!

(sneak peek of my studio right now…….)

My messy studio :0)

It sounds so hokey to say that….. but I really, truly mean it.  I am bubbling up inside with excitement & joy, even though my day started out as just an ordinary day.

In fact, it was so ordinary that I was kind of dreading it (yes, even though it is Friday).   I’ve had a lot of those days lately….ones that it seems it would be easier to stay in bed than push through the challenges of the day.  What keeps me going is the deep down, unshakable belief that God has good things in store for me & my family.

It’s not easy being an artist….or being married to one / mothered by one, etc.   (probably not easy to parent one either…..thanks Mom & Dad! :0)

So, what made today wonderful?  Well, I decided to push through my fears/doubts, etc. and BE CRAZY!  Do some stuff in the studio that would either be a disaster or a masterpiece.  I guess that’s kind of how every painting starts…..but some more than others.   Some are just these ‘random acts of complete surrender to follow my inner voice’…….  which may be insane – or genius or ??  Today turned out to be one of those times where I cautiously & humbly wonder if I might be a genius (an artistic genius)…..I’m allowed to say that because most days I question whether I have any brains at all!

I left a ‘comfortable’ life of steady work, an amazing job that neither bored or inspired me – it just was.   Now I live from month to month wondering whether I will ever sell another painting.  Perhaps I shouldn’t share that….in case some of my fans lose faith in me ….. but I think it’s important to share that so no one thinks I’m conceited…..or that I have it all together….. because I SO definitely don’t.

So, do you want to see some pictures???  No? ok, I won’t bother then.  :0)   just kidding.  They aren’t great as they are taken in the studio (the garage studio ….. not the dining room studio, the office studio, or the kitchen studio).

36″ x 36″ mixed media on Wood Panel

12" x 12" mixed media on wood panel

So…..there you have it (or some of it at least!). I had to abandon my socks as they were destroyed! and I have a bit of a mess to clean up! Passion is not tidy…..what can I say? I used to be a neat freak, and it sucked! :0)
I leave you with these words……NEVER doubt that you can do amazing things! If I can do them, any one can! (I really mean that!). Have a wonderful weekend……. Thanks for letting me share. ~ Jenn

“Surface & Soul” Art Show Opening Reception Feb. 7th 6-8pm


Surface & Soul, Feb. 7-19, 2012

JOIN the ARTISTS for some “SURFACE & SOUL….. Art from the Heart in time for Valentines!

Tuesday, February 7th from 6 to 8pm, at the Silk Purse Gallery
~ 1570 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver, for the Opening Reception.

Artists  Jenn Williamson and Laurie MacCallum will both be in attendance.

Refreshments will be served……come and join us for a night of Fine Art, fine wine and even ‘Finer’ Company!


Jenn Williamson at One of a Kind Show, Vancouver

It was an extremely successful weekend for me at the Vancouver Convention Centre’s “One of a Kind Show”! I sold many of my original Fine Art paintings, as well as my “Divino Design” Collection paintings.

I needed a much bigger booth! We had to make do with assembling Divino collections on the floor of my booth……

"Divino" Wall (left side of Jenn's booth)

Fine Art wall (Right side of Jenn's booth)

I couldn’t have survived the weekend without the many wonderful helping hands I had on board! Thanks to each of you that contributed so much to making the Show a success for me. Even my little guy (Levi), was very helpful in SO many ways, and I am very grateful to him…..and hubby (Russ) too, of course :0)

The sales were very substantial, and continue to happen even after the Show has wrapped up. It’s weekends like this that make the long stretches of “creating but not selling” possible! One of these days I will have my own gallery where customers can wander in as I create – and purchase a beautiful piece of art any time!

I was touched by the STRONG reactions many people had to my work. It means the world to me when someone has an emotional connection to my paintings (or a painting). There was no shortage of such experiences this weekend. This is why I do it! This is what makes it all worthwhile. It is moments like these that help me stay ‘on purpose’, even during the dry times.

Thank you Vancouver…..and to each of you special people that purchased one or more of my paintings. I am forever connected to you (whether you like it or not!), as there is a piece of me in each of my creations. I truly hope you are blessed immensely in being a collector of my art……. Divine Textures, Inspired by Passion & Purpose.

© Copyright Jenn Williamson. All Rights Reserved. Jenn Williamson