Making it Happen … not just wishing it would (Take 2!)

Similar message – different picture.  I had a website/blog crash today, and the posting I did on Sunday was deleted.  This is a re-creation, but with a different photo.

I’ve been wanting to do this for years, but have not set aside the time necessary to actually DO it until now. Here is one of my paintings, Heavens Declare III  36×18, displayed virtually in a simple room……

Heavens Declare III 36x18 

Heavens Declare III 36×18

If you are interested in purchasing this painting, or seeing any of my available paintings displayed in this room (or in a room of yours), please visit my website: or send me an email:

I must give credit to a fellow artist who recently posted on her blog an image of her painting displayed in a room. The ”wow factor” for me, when I saw

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Humbled indeed….sharing my Journey

Jenn Williamson, Fine Art Paintings

“Mountains & Valleys IV”
Jenn Williamson, Fine Art Paintings (SOLD)

I find myself at a bit of a loss for words as I reflect on the amazing response Vancouver had to my artwork at the Show last week. There were many ‘highlights’ including sales, new connections with some wonderful people, praise & affirmation of my work, etc….

But there is one that stands out from all the rest, and it is this I must share with you.

I met a gentleman who is a gifted & passionate photographer on Saturday. He kindly shared some of his time with me, discussing my Art, his Photography & life. Little did I know how great an impact this meeting would have on me in the days to follow!

Late Sunday afternoon, when I was feeling the effects of having been standing on my feet for 5 days straight, I received an email from the aforementioned gentleman, and in it he provided a link to a blog posting he had done about me. As I read the blog posting, I experienced a sense of gratitude & humility I will never forget…..I also felt some relief from my aching feet! I think I felt like I could run a marathon, to be perfectly honest.

So without further ado, I wish to publicly express my heartfelt gratitude to Flynn Marr, Photographer & gifted Blogger, new friend & fellow artist. Your actions have inspired me to be more outwardly demonstrative of my often ‘silent’ appreciation of other’s giftings.

Here is a link to the blog posting:

Be sure to check out Flynn’s website as well – it is well worth the visit!

And here is a photo of my Art Wall at the BC Home & Garden Show last week…..

Jenn Williamson, Fine Art Paintings at Vancouver Home & Design Show

Jenn Williamson, Fine Art Paintings at Vancouver Home & Design Show


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