The Challenge continues…..

In more ways than one, I am embracing the ‘challenge’ of today! Yesterday’s (marketing) challenge was to create a collage of my artwork images, using a program called iPiccy.  Very simple challenge really, and here’s one of the ones I created:

Jenn Williamson Fine Art - Collage of Paintings

Jenn Williamson Fine Art – Collage of Paintings

Here’s to all of you who are embracing & tackling challenges of all kinds today!

Day #2 – Posting a Favorite

Some would say it’s not a good idea to remind people that a painting has been around for a while.  I disagree.  As far as I’m concerned, a painting will stay with me until the right person discovers &  falls in love with it.  It matters not whether that is while it’s still in the drying room, or well after it’s completion.

Here is a beauty from my Spring Floral collection……..  “Blue Floral” 8×24  $350.00

Blue Floral 8x24

Blue Floral 8×24
Jenn Williamson Fine Art

30 day Marketing Challenge – Day #1

I’ll be blogging more this month, as I’ve signed up with about 300 other artists to be part of a 30 day Marketing Challenge.

Challenge #1 (May 1st):   Start an Artist Mentoring Group (AMG), or join one.

I have sent email messages to a few of the artists I met at Leslie’s workshop in California over a year ago, to see if they might be interested in collaborating with me on starting an AMG.  I look forward to posting about my progress in the days ahead.

Find out more about one of the art world’s “Marketing Guru’s”, Leslie Saeta:

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