This week’s Auction – A beautiful painting from my “Reflections” Series

This week’s “Friday Facebook” auction is one of my favourite pieces from my Reflections series.  This piece is large….40″ x 40″ x 1.5″ deep, and finished on all sides, so no framing required.   The starting bid will be $400.00 (this size of painting normally sells for $1,600.00).

Reflections 40x40To make a bid on this painting, visit my Facebook page

The winner is responsible for shipping costs – or to arrange for pick-up from me.

If you have any questions or need help in making a bid or calculating shipping costs, call or text me at 604-825-7579.


Friday….a special offer to celebrate YOU!

Friday has always been my favourite day of the week, and I’ve just come up with a way to make it even more Awesome! 🙂

I’m going to do an auction every Friday on my Facebook page.  Each week I will select a painting to post, with a starting bid that is a bit painful for me.  I have been feeling for a while now that I want to make room for the NEW & exciting things that are stirring, and in order to do that I believe the best way is to ‘give back’ to all of you who have supported me.

Artists aren’t supposed to put their work “on sale” …… ever!  I have wrestled with this idea for some time now, and I have decided that I don’t care to bow down to the “Rules”.

I am an artist who is passionate about continuing to paint, grow and expand my horizons.  Sometimes it is necessary to think outside of the box in order to accomplish great things.

I have a new Gallery opportunity that is very exciting, and the paintings I put up for Auction on my Facebook Page each Friday are not new works that I will send to the Gallery.  They are all high quality, beautiful works of art, but they are not part of an up & coming series that I will sell through a Gallery.

They are still authentic, original Jenn Williamson paintings, and I know they will be a great investment for anyone who decides to collect one or more!  (that is why I’m so excited about the Friday Facebook Auction).

Thank you for your interest & support ….. I am forever grateful to each of you who are engaged in some way with my journey.

The first auction will be this Friday – Dec. 9, 2016 – which just happens to be my son’s 21st birthday!  It is also my sister’s birthday (she is a bit older than me, but I won’t say how old) 🙂    The Rules are pretty simple, and basically I will set a starting bid (as aforementioned ‘painful for me’), and each bid needs to be posted as an individual comment on my Facebook page.  The minimum increase in bids is $10.00, and the highest bid at 11:59 pm on Friday, Dec. 9th is the winning bid.  It is up to the winning bidder to contact me within a reasonable amount of time (phone, text, email, Facebook message ….. any of these are fine).

I haven’t yet posted the starting bid for this Friday’s painting, but it will be very reasonable……..

"Flow" 28x22 Acrylic on Canvas Original painting by Jenn Williamson

“Flow” 28×22″ Acrylic on Canvas
Original painting by Jenn Williamson

Here is the link to my Facebook Page, in case you are not yet a ‘Fan’:

Thank you so much for your support & encouragement,

~ Jenn xo

Something new is stirring……

It’s one of those seasons of life where I sense there is something happing that is just beyond my ability to comprehend or figure out.

It’s been percolating in my heart for some time now.  The best way I can describe it is there’s a ‘nudging’ that comes from deep within.

I’ve been listening to & reading some very inspiring books (all nonfiction).  I love to listen while I drive, do mundane tasks like house cleaning, etc.

Sometimes I listen while I paint, but mostly I like to paint in silence.

So all this to say, I don’t yet know what it is, but I think it’s going to be pretty incredible!  I think it has something to do with art…..with intuition……with compassion……with living a Purposeful life.

I can’t wait to share more, and I promise I will as I gain more clarity and understanding.

Christmas is coming!  and on that note, I’ve posted a few of the many Small Works I have available for sale on a new Gallery on my website.  There are many more yet to photograph & upload to the page, but in the meantime, if you have any interest in acquiring some Original Artwork for someone special this Christmas, feel free to contact me.  I have different sizes available (6×6, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12), and many different colour pallets.  Prices range from $100 to $175, depending on size.  Each piece is meticulously finished on all edges, so no framing is required.  Each one is one-of-a-kind and lovingly created with a vision of creating an affordable way of collecting Fine Art.

Here’s a link to the Small Works page on my website, if you’re interested:  Jenn’s Small Works Gallery

Small Works Collage - lots more available!

Small Works Collage – lots more available!



Creating + Connecting + Inspiring = AWESOME!

I am a creator – since I was in the ‘single digits’ (ie, 7, 8, 9 yrs. old), I have been creative.  Everything from home-made crutches, doghouses, barbie campers  to  designing & making my grad dress, fixing up vintage cars (my “Pink Bug” – a 1966 VW Beetle, is to this day one of my favourite creations).  Building homes has been a passion – building furniture – fashion design and making hand-stitched teddy bears.

When I created my first fine art painting, I felt like I had finally found my voice.  There was no turning back, and since 2007 my only creative endeavor has been painting.

36x36 Landscape

36×36 Landscape

Another very important thing for me is to connect with people …… to inspire others to capture their potential.


I’ve had some amazing connections with students I have taught, and I’ve been able to share some of the skills I’ve acquired over the years.  Moving ahead, I want to bring the joy of connection and the creative process together to inspire others to experience the peace that art has brought into my life.  This would allow me to live on purpose.

I’ve started shooting video in my studio.  The vision I have is that I’ll get good enough at it that I might actually have something of value to share.  It would make it easier to reach more people that way, as I do so love inspiring people to create!!

In the meantime, I have just posted a picture of one of my newest pieces.  Thanks for reading and please let me know what YOU would like to see more of on my Blog!

Have a creative & inspired day,

xo Jenn

Progression of an Abstract Intuitive painting

This was a painting I started in Parksville last week – the goal being to demonstrate the beginning of an abstract painting.  Here is a picture approx. 15 mins into the demo…..

Stage 1 Abstract Demo

Stage 1 Abstract Demo

After getting back to my studio, I took another stab at it, and the first thing I felt I needed to do was re-orient the painting (from a portrait to a landscape). I enhanced a few areas that were bothering me, and this was where I took it next (or should I say, it took me!):

Abstract demo phase 2

Abstract demo phase 2

After teaching ‘intuitive painting’ last week, I felt lead to exercise my own ‘letting go’. I was frustrated with this painting, and ready to give up. How can I teach the concept of intuitive painting if I’m not willing to take risks myself? So I did, and here is where the painting took me……

Abstract demo phase 3

Abstract demo phase 3

It’s not done yet, but I’m pleased with the results so far. I’ll keep you posted, and thanks for your interest in my art! Much love, Jenn xo

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