About Jenn


Jenn’s intuitive sense of composition and colour are evident in each body of work she unveils; from serene & subtle to bold and compelling, her work is truly distinct.

Jenn’s style is a striking convergence of texture, colour, and luxurious patinas.  She allows intuition to guide her creative process and does not rely on reference photos to inspire her work.

Painting is a spiritual response; the end result of living authentically and being in tune with the gift of creativity she cherishes.

Artist Statement:

I paint because it is the only thing I do that expresses my very soul.  It is the one thing that I feel I can’t NOT do.  It is a gift that I am truly grateful for.

My passion for painting and art started from such a young age.  The first thing I remember painting landed me in a heap of trouble.  My dad was painting the exterior of our house and I happened upon an open can of paint with a paintbrush resting on it.  My compulsion to do what I was born to do began that very moment.  I won’t tell you how that moment ended!

It took many years – and many false starts – to fully realize the extent of my passion for the arts.  I pursued sewing rather than art in high school.  I loved beautiful clothes but couldn’t afford them, so I decided I would make them.  I still don’t have beautiful clothes, but I no longer desire them as I prefer a studio-friendly wardrobe.

I strive for peace in my life – the kind of peace I feel when I look at my art.   I feel fulfilled when I have created an oasis of tranquility in which to find solace from this chaotic world.

The intuitive nature of my personality flows over into my art practice.  It is essential for me to paint without reference materials or a preconceived outcome.  Perhaps this stems from a fear of failure.  I choose to believe it is because I simply can’t be put in a box.  I am a free, although tormented, spirit.  Tormented by perfectionism, black and white thinking, a “work first – play later” (or never) philosophy.

Art has healed me and revealed that beauty is something pure – holy in fact. Rather than being intimidated by it, I devote my working hours to creating it.

I am fascinated with clouds, fog, mist, rays of sunlight dancing through the sky, water, mountains, trees, texture, patinas, sunsets, marshlands, rolling pastures, moody skies.

The dreamer in me is compelled to capture a moment in time that both soothes and inspires hope.

~ Jenn Williamson

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